Better driving electrically— A slogan whose time has come

There are 169 electric vehicle–charging stations within a 30–mile radius of Thurston County – mainly in Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey.  That’s handy because driving an electric vehicle in Washington state makes sense both in terms of saving money and saving the planet.

For an average person driving about 1250 miles per month in Washington, the annual cost of fuel would be more than $1400 (based on average miles per gallon and gas prices around $2.50/gal) vs. $380 for a year of charging an electric vehicle (based on average price of $.086/kwh).  As for the planet, our predominantly hydropower electric grid means that electric vehicles contribute far less to global warming than our gas–powered vehicles, and almost no tailpipe emissions.  Add to this the fact that almost 54% of carbon emissions in our state come from vehicles on the road and it’s easy to see that a big switch to electric vehicles would be a big deal (US Energy Information Agency).  

Nationally, widespread adoption of electric cars and trucks could save 1.5 million barrels per day of fuels by 2035 and at the same time, billions in costs to drivers.  Depending on what happens with the tax bill Congress says it will pass this year, an existing $7500 federal tax credit for purchase of an electric car could stay (as in the Senate version)—or disappear (as in the House version.)