You can get Works in Progress in the mail each month. Annual subscription is $35.

You can subscribe for mail delivery by sending us a check at:

Works in Progress
PO Box 295
Olympia, WA 98507

Purchase one for yourself or an incarcerated person mailed first class each month!

3 Responses to “Subscribe”

  1. lisa Riner

    April 7
    For people who want to mail in a check to WIP that is great.
    I thought that someone at WIP, said that the “PayPal” on the WIP website (above) does not work?
    I am confused. (I just mail my check to you, no problem).

  2. Anne Cowan

    I would like to renew the two subscriptions that I have had for years. they are for
    Anne Cowan, Manhattan, KS and Cheryl Green, Shelton, WA Let me know how much and where to send money. seems in the past, I received a notice stuck in the newspaper. this time it was just noted on my address label. Not sure where my subscription stands.


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